How to Decorate Jerseys and other activewear without Scorching

When making team-specific jerseys and active wear you’ll run into issues using a hot press on polyester, spandex/Lycra? rugby jerseys for sale and polyester blends. People are increasingly looking for flexibility, breathability, moisture-wicking capability, and stretch of synthetic fabrics but also, they’d like these to have a unique look. The designer is there to aid.
The most common challenges when decorating jerseys and active wear.
Adhesion – Synthetic fabrics require an adhesive that is specially designed to stick to these fabrics. Some fabrics are not suitable for all forms that use heat transfer vinyl.
It is known as the Heat Press: High pressure and heat can result in imprint marks being left on synthetic textiles.
replica soccer jerseys Scorching – Heat transfer vinyl applied at high temperature risks scorching or melting these fabric.
Jerseys that decorate heat and activewear Solutions