How Football Transfer Works

Most Popular Soccer Players – Ronaldo, Beckham, Mia Hamm, Brandy Chastain

Chasing their third straight EPL title, ManU has been around news to face . summer (thanks to the transfer saga regarding Cristiano Ronaldo’s for you to Real The city.) And with the news that Ronaldo is remaining for atleast another season, the fans and Sir Alex Ferguson can expect that their double title treat can […]

Soccer Dribbling Drills – Key Tips And Tricks For Coaches

A stronger spirit of the game: Cristiano Ronaldo is sufffering from a spirit of enthusiast and the mind of a conqueror in the field of the golf game. One of the most significant things Cristiano Ronaldo has as a football player is the passion that makes him remain overwhelmed in the contest. Example: You get […]